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On-line purchases made through the store.giambattistafedrici.com Internet site are regulated by the sales conditions stipulated below. Please read them carefully. Your use of the store.giambattistafedrici.com site as a purchasing medium constitutes your acceptance of these conditions and of the modifications that store.giambattistafedrici.com may, from time to time, make to them. 

store.giambattistafedrici.com reserves the right to cancel and refund any order placed on its site. Customers will be notified by email if this is the case. 


Payment method/invoicing 
Credit cards and PayPal are the only forms of payment permitted for on-line purchases on the store.giambattistafedrici.com Internet site. VISA and MasterCard are accepted. Please note that the confirmation email sent to you after your store.giambattistafedrici.com site purchase has been completed constitutes your invoice. 

Orders placed through the store.giambattistafedrici.com Internet site will be billed at the price indicated next to the description and illustration of the relevant product. In order to provide for unforeseen fluctuations in market prices, store.giambattistafedrici.com reserves the right to modify its prices on products sold through its Internet site at any time without notice. Delivery charges and handling charges are exercisable on every physical Internet order. 

Availability of Products 
store.giambattistafedrici.com makes every effort to stock sufficient quantities of products sold through its Internet site. However, availability of products cannot be guaranteed. store.giambattistafedrici.com accepts no responsibility for any damages resulting from stock-outs. If store.giambattistafedrici.com is unable to deliver a product ordered through its Internet site, you will be advised by email. store.giambattistafedrici.com reserves the right to limit quantities. 

If store.giambattistafedrici.com were to be found responsible pursuant to a claim by one of its Internet customers, its liability would be limited to the aggregate of the amounts paid by the customer to store.giambattistafedrici.com for purchases affected through its Internet site. The foregoing notwithstanding, customers are entitled to all the rights provided under applicable laws and regulations and must abide by the obligations provided under those same laws and regulations. The relationship between the parties is governed by the laws of UK. Any dispute arising from sales or credits, or from failures with respect to the applicable conditions of sale through the store.giambattistafedrici.com Internet site will fall under the jurisdiction of the UK courts. 

Force Majeure (Acts of God) 
Internet site customers agree that store.giambattistafedrici.com will not be held responsible for its failure to execute its obligations, or for the damages and/or losses incurred as a result of a force majeure (act of God) or of a fortuitous event. 


Returns or exchanges will only be accepted on merchandise purchased online from the store.giambattistafedrici.com Internet site. Returns or exchanges on all merchandise will be accepted within 45 days of the placement of the order if the items are unused, unworn, and unwashed. After 45 days, returns are ONLY accepted if you have received the wrong item or if the merchandise is damaged or defective. CDs, Records and DVDs must remain factory sealed, unless they are damaged or defective. 

Returns and Exchanges 
When returning or exchanging an item, please email us at info@giambattistafedrici.com to receive a return/exchange form. Once you have received it, fill out all fields on the form, and print it out. Make sure to include your order number and item description. Pack the item(s) securely and ship the order back to us, including the return/exchange form. If you have to fill out customs forms, indicate the package value as $5. 

If the return or exchange is a result of an store.giambattistafedrici.com error, shipping costs will be refunded to you by store.giambattistafedrici.com. Otherwise shipping costs will NOT be refunded. 

To the extent returned merchandise is in the same condition it was in at the time of delivery, you will receive a credit equivalent to the total cost of the merchandise being returned. We will credit your account as soon as we receive the merchandise and advise you by email. 


We do our best to assure that your vinyl reaches you in the best possible condition, but given the fact these are being handled and transported worldwide small corner dings and minor seam splits may occasionally occur. If you’re a collector who requires mint condition we recommend picking up our releases from your local record store.


We ship from ou warehouse in London, UK

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing orders. 

Delivery times published by the shipping services are approximate and some orders take longer to be delivered. Your patience is appreciated! 


store.giambattistafedrici.com believes that your personal information deserves to be protected. You can browse our site without providing any personal information at all. However, if you want to make a purchase, receive our automated site updates or enter a contest, you will need to provide the necessary details.

When you make a purchase online,store.giambattistafedrici.com needs to know your name, the delivery address, your email address, your telephone number and your credit card number and its expiry date. This information allows us to process and track orders. No credit card information is saved on the store.giambattistafedrici.com servers.

We may also use personal account information and data collected through your personal identification to generate statistics and aggregate reports for internal use and for sharing with affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees, successors and advertisers. These statistics and aggregate reports will not contain any personally identifiable information. Your identity is kept anonymous.

Depending on how you have configured your browser, when you log in to store.giambattistafedrici.com, a small file – a “cookie” – is stored on your computer’s hard drive. The use of “cookies” or “witnesses” on Internet sites has become the rule rather than the exception, and most browsers are programmed to accept them. Witnesses record visit-related information in a small file stored on your hard drive. This information is then used by store.giambattistafedrici.com to simplify your shopping and your navigating. Witnesses store information related to your “travels” on our site. They do not have the required capability to gather other information on your hard disk.

store.giambattistafedrici.com feels that your personal information should be just that – personal. store.giambattistafedrici.com does not sell, rent or make available visitors’ non-aggregated specific personal information to anyone other than store.giambattistafedrici.com.


The efforts made by store.giambattistafedrici.com to protect the personal information that travels on or through its Internet site do not absolve users from assuming the risk that the confidentiality of that information might be broken. Accordingly, store.giambattistafedrici.com disclaims responsibility with respect to damages you may incur as a result of information exchanges with store.giambattistafedrici.com on the Internet.

store.giambattistafedrici.com reserves the right to transmit personal information if required to do so by law or by virtue of regulations, or to protect its rights as well as those of the store.giambattistafedrici.com site users and of its commercial partners.

Security is on our mind as well as yours!

The security related to credit card transactions is essential to the proper management of electronic trade. Accordingly, store.giambattistafedrici.com insists on making those transactions as reliable and secure as possible. Any failure in our security system could have very serious repercussions on our operations and on the confidence our customers place in us. Consequently, store.giambattistafedrici.com does everything within its power to stop credit card fraud and to protect transactions effected through its Internet site.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to help you:

Giambattista Fedrici
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